After being colleagues in a pharmacy for some time, we already had a passion for creating and wanting to help meet needs. On March 18, 2019, Olivier and Alex decided to register for the 4th edition of the Startup Challenge launched by the newspaper Les Affaires. The goal was to create a viable business in 7 days with a maximum of $700. Without having won first place, we were nevertheless chosen from among the hundreds of participating teams and admitted to the 7 finalists. After discussing our project with those around us, some have become potential investors just waiting for our round of crowdfunding to begin to support us. We therefore officially decided to go into business by making the project a reality.


Handshake is the opportunity to develop the local Quebec market at a reasonable price without affecting its quality.

Our customers are our priority and we want to provide them with quality marketing services. Whether you are at the head of an SME or want to realize your dream of starting a business, we will have a service that may be right for you.

Contact us now to find out how to get your business to the next level!



President & Co-Founder


Hi, it’s Oli! I am the CEO and Co-founder of Handshake and I will come out of the shadows to answer a few questions


What does a CEO eat in winter?
– I don’t eat often because I too often lack time, but otherwise between two crises to manage, I like to eat tacos.

How come you’re running out of so much time?
– In a Startup the CEO has several hats. I am in charge of the general management of Handshake, including finances, development, customers, personnel and projects. In short, I must constantly provide solutions to the various problems that I am told.

And what do you do in your free time?
– I like to learn. I’m always doing something new or building on what I’ve already learned: learning different languages, musical instruments Otherwise, I love sports and video games (Alex will tell you that Rocket league don’t count, but don’t listen to it)

Quick facts about me
1- I love cats
2- I am too often Overdressed
3- I love gin and beer
4- I hate marketing ads that promise you wealth and solutions to all your problems
5- Michael Scott is my source of inspiration as a manager

Hoping that we can help more Quebec companies in the coming years! Don’t forget to support our local businesses!


*mic drop*


Lead Designer et Co-Founder


Hi! My name is Alex and I am the co-founder of Handshake Aides aux entreprises.


What I do: I am the person responsible for everything related to content creation. Whether it’s publications for social networks, advertisements, branding or website designs.


A little about me: I love playing sports, but my favorite is soccer. In addition, I also sometimes play video games with friends at the end of the evening to relax. What I like the most, however, is creating. Create images, drawings, videos, etc. There is nothing more satisfying than having accomplished something on your own!


Quick facts about me
1- I also love cats.
2- I am too often Underdressed
3- I am platinum in Valorant and League of Legends
4- I have the attention span of a goldfish
5- I have never watched The Office


My main goals for this business: To help others like me who are new to entrepreneurship and to help local businesses stand out from the competition.


Will this challenge be easy? Clearly not. Will this prevent me from achieving these goals that I have given myself? Even less !


Stay #elevated y’all – Alex


We want to support the local Quebec market by helping it stand out in its community while reducing costs as much as possible in order to make our service as affordable and efficient as possible.

In other words, we know how expensive it is to use the resources present on the market in order to distinguish yourself from the competition.

We therefore offer support and consulting services in marketing as well as in business development.

Unlike our competitors, our market targets small & medium enterprises as well as start-up entrepreneurs.


The ultimate project we are trying to fund is an application that would combine everything and have some additional tools that will be unveiled in the coming months!